Special Tribute to Dr Kwame Nkrumah

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Comment: OK, You Get a Pass

Paa Kwesi Mintah
2013-09-22 03:56:32
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Special Tribute to Dr Kwame Nkrumah

Cousin, greetings.

I know you produced this from the sources you referenced but I was getting worried a bit, halfway through your article.

It seems you were only interested in Nkrumah's schooling and degrees upon degrees etc.

The man was more than an educational track and academic letters, as you made him to be in the first half of your long article.

I think there's more to Nkrumah than the usual biographical sketches found in books. I hope someday someone will research his life and put all the pieces together.

The man was quite unusual in his time. What motivates such an individual to leave Ghana on a precarious trip of unknown destination and agenda?

His outlook and motivation to better the lot of his people came from somewhere and I hope it'll be revealed by someone someday.

Cousin, do you know about the disturbances that occurred in Winneba and it's associated murders at that time? It had huge political dimensions to it that led to the agitation for Independence.

Anyway, saaalute from forehead to waist with a thundering foot stomp amid wild cheering, whaaaam.

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Paa Kwesi Mintah on Sep 22, 2013 03:56