Could GYEEDA be President Mahama’s Waterloo?

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Comment: Due of Anti-Ashantism, GYEEDA is not not

Kwesi Agbenu
2013-10-17 06:56:45
Comment to:
GYEEDA to EOCO to buy time!

Mahama will still be given the nod even with 10 times GYEEDA rot.
The EWES and NORTHENERS, GAS, BONOS, FANTES don’t like Ashantis so they will never vote for NPP party dominated by Ashantis. They just want Ashantis out of power—whether bad, worse or worst. It is not for nothing that KOSI KODEM said in parliament that EWES prefer the worst NDC govt to the best NPP govt

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Kwesi Agbenu on Oct 17, 2013 06:56
Due of Anti-Ashantism, GYEEDA is not not