RE: Akufo-Addo abandons third-term

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Comment: Janet is Akyem, Kwahu or Asante!

Nana Yaw
2013-10-27 23:57:20
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RE: Akufo-Addo abandons third-term

Janet does not speak for the entire country. Overwhelming majority of Ghanaians do not see any presidential quality in Akuffo Addo. He will win only two regions again if he run in 2016. Akuffo Addo has not excelled in anything other than being the academically brain dead son of a former president. Kweku Baako and Kwesi Pratt were activists for democracy long before Akuffo Addo came from his self exposed exile to hijack the movement with kumepreko violent nonsense!!!!!

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Nana Yaw on Oct 27, 2013 23:57
Janet is Akyem, Kwahu or Asante!