Dreadful Fetish Strikes a Supreme Court Judge?

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Comment: Adofo is intellectually bankrupt

nana kwasi baah london
2013-11-12 23:15:11
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Re: Dreadful Fetish Strikes a Supreme Court Judge?

Oh no adofo no.what kind of article is this? I blame it on ghanaweb. for publishing this trash.I have said timed again that, this adofo guy is out of his senses..I strongly believe, he has not recovered from the pains he went through after App lost the supreme Court case .Am sure adofo and his. Cronies are praying fivishly for something to happen on justice Atiguba so they will attribute it to their perceived perversive judgement.if the purported powerful deity he clame will strike any body at all it should be the members of the App team who gathered the so called evidence Hy adding figures that were not rightninbtheir evidence.Adofo or what ever you call yourself, you must get it clear, no falsehood can bring your party back to power.Learn to talk as an intellectual, your behaviour is gradually exposing your intellectual bankruptcy, or better. Still your are losing your senses after the lost Olathe election petition.

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nana kwasi baah london on Nov 12, 2013 23:15
Adofo is intellectually bankrupt