Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

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Comment: There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.

Speedy Gonzalez
2013-11-23 02:46:03
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Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

Dear Dr.Kofi Ansah,you have every right to remain in Australia.However,it is not right for you to put Ghana down after a short visit.You mentioned how Ghanaians live in home detention by putting up high walls and barbed wires,how crime and corruption are everywhere in your previous article.May i also remind you about crimes in Australia,bikies,middle eastern criminal organizations,drugs,alcohol abuse and corruption in politics,NSW labor party.You feel comfortable in ACT,fair enough,but please do not throw in the spanner after a short visit.Mind you there is a massive brain drain,it will be helpful if you can contribute positively.You still lack the Aussie spirit of humility and generosity.You are still the learned Ghanaian,who is always right.Remember to always give your fair bit humbly and always find a way to help.The difference is that Australia has got $1.5trillion economy.

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Speedy Gonzalez on Nov 23, 2013 02:46
There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.