Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

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Comment: You are right!!!!

2013-11-23 10:22:22
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Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

It goes a long way to show our poor mentally as a nation!!!
Why should certain jobs be protected for Ghanaians born in Ghana when we have dual nationality, except in football where our children are chased by GFA to play for Ghana? Those who have stayed back, what have they done but contributed to destroying our economy through their corrupt practices? Half of the population cannot give you their addresses as our streets have no names and our addresses are PO BOX? and they are not ashamed of this? I went to Ghana recently and a friend asked whether I had come to help build the country or coming into politics???? Hmmmmmmm

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Ashootings on Nov 23, 2013 10:22
You are right!!!!