Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

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Comment: Re: There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.

Mike Olongo, USA
2013-11-23 13:12:19
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There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.

Dear Speedy Gonzalez, I have not read Dr Kofi Ansah's previous article but I do believe he is a Ghanaian patriot who shows concern (like we all do) whenever he feels something is not going well for Ghana. I can tell you that although I live in the US where crime rate is extremely high I would still express concern if crime is on the ascendancy (even on a minimal scale) in Ghana. That show of concern is an expression of patriotism and not an attempt to 'put Ghana down'. The fact that there is corruption in high places elsewhere does not mean there should be corruption everywhere in Ghana also; so please bear with Dr Ansah if he reiterates observed vices on an albeit short visit to Ghana. He loves his country and wants only the good for His country. I think many Ghanaians misconstrue genuine criticism of events and the way things are handled in Ghana as derision or scorn. How sad !

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Mike Olongo, USA on Nov 23, 2013 13:12
Re: There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.