Playing the guilt card on the Ghanaian diaspora

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Comment: More practical less talk

Speedy Gonzalez
2013-11-23 20:21:22
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Re: There is a huge BRAIN DRAIN.

The show of concern is only the first step,what you do to address the concern is the major obstacle in our society.We talk,show concern,then what next?We need to develop practical sense of problem solving.We do not have talk in our comfortable lounges and expect those we left behind to perfectly address all our concerns.We all know it does not work like that,in the western and developed world,they pick brains from from all over the world and are more practical.Good brains research,how problems can be fixed and who can fix it.They do not just whinge,as it is not necessary.

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Speedy Gonzalez on Nov 23, 2013 20:21
More practical less talk