Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditional gods

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2014-02-03 11:53:05
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Ghana must develop by embracing its own traditiona

In my opinion, what's going on in Africa in general is not about worshiping our gods or not but one thing we have to keep in mind is our ancestors used to have their ways and means of worshiping God without deities too. They used drums, music and dancing to communicate with God.What have we gained from being a Christian or an Islam besides hating and killing each other.Now we're practicing their cultures and throwing ours. Before the Colonials and Arabs. it was very easy to identify ourselves through our names, tribe or culture. Now if is not Mary is Peter, if is not Mohammed is Fatima. Not just our names, we're giving up our believes, language,products and even our diet. It came to a point that you speak your own language they laugh at you.Our own languages are out of the education system and they've been replaced with English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Italian and so forth. Why we have to practice someone else's culture or language and destroy ours. Are we so ignorant that we can't tell that Christianity and Islam are destroying us? Like I previously said we all have the right to choose our denomination but being a Christian or an Islam doesn't have nothing to do with our tribes or culture. Now a lot of people go to funeral with a suit because they're a man of God.Where in the Bible or Koran that says we have to throw our culture? We're dying from a lot of diseases that wasn't part of black medical history because of foreign foods with a lot of chemicals we consume every day instead of our own diet.If someone died in his or her early age we blame the witchcraft.Africans is time for us to think twice. This is 21st century is not too late to make some changes.

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Re: Ghana must develop by embracing its own tradit