Is Asantehene Being Honest With Kumawuman?

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2014-03-19 01:40:23
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Adofo, cocaine and weed making u insane?

Mr. Adofo Rockson, aka John Fosu, please come clean on this one: your so called Ananangya/Odumasefo) are from Essumja and therefore not original Kumawu royals. True/False

These immigrants from Essumja were saved by Nana Siaw of Apemso. True/False

On the demise of Maama Senifontom, these immigrants from Essumja borrowed precious ornaments and cultural artifacts from the then Apemsohene Nana Aboagye to decorate the corpse for public display and as a token of their respect and love for their mother who could have been a queen of Essumja, hence they wanted a queenly funeral for her.
These immigrants from Essumja failed to return the borrowed ornaments upon demand from Apemsohene; they claimed they burried their mother with all the borrowed ornaments. Apemsohene Nana Aboagye ordered his men to go and exhume the body to retrieve the ornaments. The immigrants laid ambushed the Apemso royals and killed and maimed them. Nana Aboagye died due to wounds he sustained from these immigrants from Essumja. Quickly, the immigrants crowned themselves as rulers of Apemso. These are the people Rockson Adofo/John Fosu refer to as true original royals of Kumawu.

The curse on these folks who caused these barbaric act against The Apemso royals still stand, hence PAPA NANTWIE. SE ONYAME ANSI WO HENE NA WOKOFA AHENKYE SOA A, ESO WO KWA.
That is the fate of these folks from Essumja whose track record shows that they are sore losers.
Litigations from the then YATEASEM group, up to this prersent Joe Fry being financed by A BANKER AND A HOTELIER, is the cuase of underdevelopment and retardation of Kumawuman. BUT, mark my word, if Rockson Adofo/John Fosu will continue to throw dust into peoples eyes with his nonsense because their candidate was not selected, the courts CANNOT ENSTOOL KUMAWUHENE. Come to Kumawu and listen to people's opinion; WE ARE SICK AND TIRED WITH YOUR STUPID LITIGATIONS.

As far as we the people are concerned, the era of litigation is over, we are patiently waiting for the cororation of our king in the person of Dr. Yaw Sarfo. Your Joe Fry was cut to size at Manhyia and we all witnessed that and it is on record. He is "nobody". He is smart anyway, for out of litigations he has milkrd the financiers to build a house for himself and illigal lumbering. He should prepare to answer and account for his activities soon. We the people has denounced him and his cronies.


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OMANBAPA KD on Mar 19, 2014 01:40