“Hmmm, miss me yet” Akufo Addo asks Ghanaians

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2014-03-21 07:59:00
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“Hmmm, miss me yet” Akufo Addo asks Ghanaians

My brother keep dreaming. It is not a crime to dream Did you see the crowd following this man in 2008 and 2012 ?
ALL THE KANGAROO DANCE ET ALL? Those shouting hoarse and complaining are the same NPP folks. THEY ARE MAKE BELIEVE PEOPLE.They make the noise and when they are ignored they draw the conclusion that they have won the day. NPP WILL BE WHIPPED, VANQUISHED AND HUMILIATED IN 2016. WE KNOW THEM. THEY HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO OFFER GHANA BUT TO COME AND LOOT STATE LANDS & PROPERTY. GHANAIANS NEITHER MISS NANA ADDO NOR MISS THE NPP. They are to be confined in opposition for the next twenty years. WE HAVE SEEN THEM BEFORE. THEY CANNOT HOODWINK US AGAIN AS THEY DID IN THE YEAR 2000.

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KOFI on Mar 21, 2014 07:59