.. on Alan's so-called Resignation

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Comment: Limann wouldve won without UNC

2014-04-24 07:17:50
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.. on Alan's so-called Resignation

Limann would still have won even if the UNC did not make an alliance with PNP. The forces set against Victor Owusu were too great. The Akyems didn't want him and the Ewes hated him like hell. Paa Willie, and Akyem man, was very popular in certain parts of Eweland because of Okudzeto. UNC won two seats there. All the non-PFP supporters gave it to Limann who came from nowhere to easily beat Victor Owusu. It was as if they were saying: anybody but Victor Owusu!!! Let's hope they don't say the same thing about Akufo-Addo...

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Kojo on Apr 24, 2014 07:17
Limann wouldve won without UNC