’Masara na’ arziki’’ impacting positively

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2014-08-25 07:30:47
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’Masara na’ arziki’’ impacting positively

in total the profit of GHS 10,000,000 over the last two farming seasons is impressive,taking profit to mean earnings, but analysed, it amounts, on average, to only GHS 435.00 per season per member! over one year?
what do the members live on and how are they able to save towards the improved housing you talk of? members' lives may have improved but, certainly, GHs 435 per season can be improved considerably unless a decent amount was set aside/paid as salaries to these members b4 u arrived at the profit of GHs 10,000,000 over two seasons. thx for helping the farmers cos if u help a farmer, u help me, u and mother Gh!

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