Is Lauretta Lamptey Qualified to be CHRAJ Commissioner?

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Comment: I won't Employ her to be even my maid!

2014-09-20 10:57:30
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Haven worked with her as a consultant so many years ago, I won't employ her to be even my house girl maid.She is useless in every sense of it.What sought of manager is this? She can't even arrange to employ drivers for her outfit. Just look at answers or excuses she been giving. I have always known that she is useless. What is going on in her brains, does she have any? Ghana at moment has so many of her type in most important positions and this the only reason we are going to the IMF.I have always known this,she is useless and I told people this so many years ago. Ask her if she's ever done even a single project independently.Her style is to depend on others to do her job since the 1970's.TRUST ME.

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USELESS! on Sep 20, 2014 10:57
I won't Employ her to be even my maid!