Blame “Ashanti Nana” For the Present Precarious State of Ghana

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Comment: Over Borrowing, Over Spending and Corrup

2014-11-24 00:53:44
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your are very sick in the head

Mr. Rockson Adofo, could you remember that Nkrumah used to incite workers to strike against the Whiteman, but outlawed strikes in his regime when living conditions were genuinely difficult for workers, and said that strikes were unpatriotic?

Could you also remember that Rawlings used to incite TUC workers to strike against Liman's government in order to over throw it fraudulently? And could you remember that he used to take 'Kenkey' to Legon to demonstrate how the size had shrunk under Liman, and we ended up in the "Rawlings's Chain" but nobody could talk? Could you further remember that Acheampong and Rawlings used the mild IMF conditions under Busia and Liman respectively as justifications for overthrowing their governments deceitfully? Could you still remember that PNDC reintroduced IMF and the World Bank with more stringent conditions after the coup without apologizing to Liman?

I don't know what the leftists are talking about, and I don't believe that NPP is behind the present wave of strikes either. As far as I know, NPP is only highlighting the failings and excesses of the government, hopping to translate them into votes for the party in the next elections. And that is, in fact, genuine and legitimate politics because the failings are true and not false. Everybody in Ghana knows that cost of living under the NDC government is unbearable, and NPP is democratically seizing the opportunity to convince the electorate not to vote for NDC in the next elections.

Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with an opposition highlighting the failings of an incapable government to wrestle power from it democratically. NDC is the cause of the strikes because of higher levels of corruption, over spending, reckless borrowing and economic mismanagement that have brought untold hardship on Ghanaians.

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Mahmoud on Nov 24, 2014 00:53
Over Borrowing, Over Spending and Corrup
Kwesi Atta on Nov 24, 2014 21:39