Is Kumawu Tweneboah Koduah Secondary School Now a Police Camp?

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Comment: Re: You remember the Prophet Elijah?

Richard Adu.
2015-02-02 18:43:26
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You remember the Prophet Elijah?

I think people read and interpret the bible to satisfy their evil ego or their 'whims and caprices'!

How do you know and understand what the same Bible speaks about respect of authority?

Yes, Truth is perfection, but truth should be said with respect an humility!

This Rockson Adofo, a.k.a Fosu John, is a disgrace to Kumawuman, a shame to Tweneboa Kodua Secondary school and the knowledge inculcated into the students..

Knowledge, not just 'book knowledge', is seen and respected, when one exhibits such attribute or achievement with humility and respect, not unbridled arrogance!

When one, who feels he is well educated, shows his ignorance of the importance of unity, which, Kumawu Krakye, Tweneboa Kodua Secondary school uncouth product,in the person of Rockson Adofo,a.k.a. Fosu John, is exhibiting on this forum, Ghana-web,one needs to bow his head in shame.

Yes, this has proved the wisdom in the wise saying in the Akan dialect:

'Esono Ofie Nyansa ena School Nyansa'

which literally means;

There is a difference between knowledge acquired from home and school knowledge acquired through brooding!

It is always a blessing if one is gifted from these two sources of knowledge!

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Richard Adu. on Feb 2, 18:43
Re: You remember the Prophet Elijah?