Who Are Indirectly Causing The Downfall of Asantehene & Asanteman?

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2015-02-24 02:08:02
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@ Adodfo

We hear you LOAD and CLEAR but why don't you go to Ghana specifically to Manhyia and present all these facts to the Asantehene? It is easier to through bombs from a distance. You remind me of the twi proverb "He who clears a forest full of thorns with his/her mouth will not get any spike mark on his body". You rage on and on with these manufactured facts but with no balls. These are the rantings of a coward. Prove me wrong and present your case in person. After, to be a truth pioneer one should not be afraid to sacrifice his life for a just cause. Are you not the grandson of of Barima Tweneboa Kodua -the one that sacrificed his life for the Asante Kingdom? Please do so for KUMAWUMAN else SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

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Enoba on Feb 24, 2015 02:08