Our AMA has abandon us to tribal cum religious tugs

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Comment: Good job, Kofi but.....

Military Man
2015-03-06 19:51:42
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Our AMA has abandon us to tribal cum religious tug

While I totally agree with you on this write up, I was almost put off initially by the grammatical errors in the heading. I'm glad I went ahead and read it because, there was a gem of information in there.

As a matter of fact, I went back to read the first part and I thought that you could be a very prolific writer if you took the time to read over your work and made simple corrections before you release it for publication.

People get turned off good articles because of simple grammatical errors and bad spelling. So if your intention is to reach a wider audience and readership, then my advice to you is to put a bit of effort into your projects.

As English is not our first language, please use all the aids and other resources like the dictionary to make your work look more professional and attractive to more readers.

The dictionary would have given you the correct spellings for words like: "thugs" and not "tugs"... "awkward" and not "ockward"....."by-law" and not "bye-law"... just to mention a few.

Please don't take this as a criticism but as a recommendation from someone who admires your work and is trying to help.

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