The anchor for grounding the NHIS on a sustainable path

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Comment: NHIS and The Patient

Pharm. Ray
2015-04-16 10:54:39
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The anchor for grounding the NHIS on a sustainable

Pharm. Kumi, The piece is very excellent and came at the time we needed it most, you have carefully outlined the factors and provided evidence based solutions. But it is sad to say that , with the current political game Ghana is playing it is neither in the interest of both major political parties nor in the interest of the populace to solve the NHIS because we do not run our politics and economy on a nation agenda but on partisan platforms.

My experience in the hospital setting and how the health sector is managed shows we do not consider healthcare as a prime focus of saving lives but a fortune mill for some greedy people. Again, until we put into office non corruptible, non partisan officials who has the interest of the scheme and the nation at heart we shall fall victim to such circumstances even if the government is changed.

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