Elect a visionary candidate for NPP in Sisala East Constituency

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2015-04-12 11:51:57
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Elect a visionary candidate for NPP in Sisala East

In my candid opinion,your advocacy for development is impressive deserving all the plaudits and commendation.I want to belief per your article you probably belong to the elephants.I am a Marxist Revolution who belief the issue of development in the interest of the poor suffering masses in Sissala East should be the concern of every serious minded educated youth in the constituency.I belief it must be tackled with all alacrity devoid of partisan consideration and affiliations.You and i have the responsibility to educate and help our illiterate folks make informed choices as to who to represent them in parliament based on productivity and competence.In other words shallow and narrow minded politics based on sycophancy,hypocrisy,greed,cronyism, camaraderie and in some instances romantic relationship all targeted at personal gratification rather than general community interest should be stamped out.The only way this can be done is to ensure a vibrant,active community youth advocacy group to check politicians with the intention of using Sissala East as a milking or cash cow for their vested parochial interest and self aggrandizement.I care the less about the political colors of any MP as far as he or she is critical thinking,competent,responsible,incorruptible,discipline and magnanimous enough to render dedicated and selfless duties in the interest of the poor,ignorant suffering masses deceived and used for many decades.Political games are being played on Sissala East by callous and insensitive political pirates to exploit the district for personal gains.These political pirates who have hijacked the district have been very successful in manipulating the district to satisfy their whims and caprices because we have a weak and sycophantic youth who are not thought provoking and interested in the development of the district.I can say without any shred of doubt that both NPP and NDC parliamentary candidates are not the caliber of candidates we need if we are serious about development.You only have to consider the quality of persons and achievements in other districts like Nandom or Navorongo to know what i am talking about.Why should Sissala East have square pegs in round hole representing us when we have very competent,academically accomplished and responsible people shying away from representing us and driving forward the necessary developmental agenda so desired?Why should Sissala East have grand opportunists like Alban Bagbin dictating and controlling political affairs in the district,thwarting our development for his selfish gains?As far as i am concerned Alban Bagbin is the political God father in Sissala East imposing Mps on us at his discretion in the comfort of his home to be used as baits to exploit the district.Alban Bagbin strictly speaking is the Mp for Sissala East with the visibly confused and disoriented Alijata a mere ceremonial one.This is why he pursuit and conspired to sack a doctor from Ghana Health Service from Welembele as Health Minister in 2012 thought to be critical of so-called honorable Alijata.The doctor is thought to be at least the sympathizer of the ruling party, NDC.Why should Alban Bagbin then see it necessary to victimize somebody as the Health Minister supposed to be his nephew since he claims to originally hail from Welembele?It only smacks of malice,diabolism,veil callousness,mischief and crass immorality targeted at protecting his narrow interest in Sissala East simply because he feels the doctor is a threat to same by being critical of Alijata.This is the sort of filthy,dirty,primitive and destructive politics played in the north which holds back development.It is termed 'politricks' It is politics of deceit,oppression,sabotage and vindictiveness all geared towards personal satisfaction and comfort of politicians at the expense of the poor suffering masses they use as springboards without accountability.The fact that the doctor had his life attempted twice prompting him to write to police headquarters for police inquiry into his case tells of the extent to which some filthy greedy political autocrats who wants to be worshiping demagogues go to protect their narrow minded interest of self aggrandizement.I disagree with those who say politics is only meant for politicians.That is a reckless,irresponsible and stupid opinion because politics have a direct baring on our development and life as a people.In democratic dispensation you can never have adequate development without political commitment and will.This is the difference in meaning of politics between northern and Southern Ghana where parliamentary endorsement is based on proven track record of developmental achievement not dirty tricks targeted at arm twisting and hijacking the people's mandate often left wallowing in poverty and ignorance.Sentimental Advocate,call for a wholestic approach to politics in the District irrespective of political colors by encouraging political discourse that will promote issue based voting aimed at development of Sissala East.I urge you to encourage the formation of strong advocacy youth group that will promote competent parliamentary candidates across board and hold them accountable when given the mandate to enforce development.We must set standards that abhor mediocrity by punishing incompetent and lousy Mps through the ballot box who only focus on their parochial interest rather than the District.I support developmental advocacy irrespective of political colors as far as an individual representing me is worthy and competent enough to effect same.

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