Don't Get Fooled All Of The Time

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2015-06-08 01:57:27
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Don't Get Fooled All Of The Time

yes, mahama is not performing but we are not at war!! akufo addo can not hold de nation together as JAk said in 2007. Jak made akufo addo his campaign manager in 2000 to restore peace after he ( akufo Addo) had fiercely contested jak in 1998. Jak again appointed ka who was then a diehard supporter of akufo addo in de same contest, to represent the party at the EC's strong room and subsequently made him (ka) his spokesperson. He made akufo addo attorney general and subsequently the foreign affairs minister. kufuor as wise as he is as always, thought he can not win the election if the party was divided hence he brought all factions together and assign them a recognizable roles in his campaign. The Akyem- Asante factions is been there since the formation of the party but kufuor managed it so wisely to his and the party's benefit that only the wise can notice that. Akufo addo is not the only leader to manage this factionalism in the party. kufuor warn npp against mark Manu for chairmanship but we didn't listen just because he was for akufo addo and voted him . Mark Manu's administration is the worse the party can ever think of where he admitted subsequently that he was the cause of our defeat in 2008 elections. This trend has been the norm that competent people are not elected to steer the affairs of the party but rather people who are known in akufo addo's camp. How wud a man who is bent on leading our great nation which is not at war under Mahama, prefer sir John to KA as general Secretary? what administrative competence has Hopeson Adoye for nana to prefer him to John Boadu? all in the name of( this are my militants). Akufo Addo has demonstrated that there are some persons in the party he can not work with hence his declaration to contest for the third time prior to the Tamale congress. That was because his candidates should be voted for once he has declared his interest. How can a man who can not use the perceived agenda 2020 about Afoko and Kwabena to task them to prove their detractors wrong be a better leader ee Rockson? It takes a wise leader to appoint his perceived enemy to the heartbeat of his administration. kufuor did it by appointing him (nana) as his campaign manager. kufuor worked with nduom for eight years but nana cudnt maintain him for a day. That is clearly the deference between kufuor and nana. No smaller party as we call them is ready to form alliance with npp when nana is the leader but npp with kufuor got that opportunity and won power 2000. Finally Rockson, u can't force Ghanaians to eat an unclean food and run our stomach out just because we are hungry. we can't trust a man who is practicing divide and rule in his party to lead us .

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