Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

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Comment: Hypocrisy At Its Worst

Jojo Hammond, New Jersey
2015-07-04 00:59:32
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Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

Kofi, all these agitations, including court cases, are part of the plot to delegitimize the Mahama Presidency, that started with the Election petition. All these actions, have been done under the lofty ideals of strengthening our democratic process. A more sober and objective reflection on these actions however betrays the cynical moves to portray this president's actions as unconstitutional. Their hypocrisy is even more evident when one notes that such actions had been taken by previous gov'ts without a pip from any of these organizations.

Thanks for calling their actions what they really are. Only actions from their preferred political tradition are constitutional and democratic.

I can bet my last pesewa that all these agitations and court cases will cease when their preferred side comes to power. They will surely lose their voices then.

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Jojo Hammond, New Jersey on Jul 4, 00:59
Hypocrisy At Its Worst