OECD Mathematics and Science Assessment of 15 years Old Ghanaians

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Comment: There's no educatiion in Ghana

2015-07-05 09:15:15
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OECD Mathematics and Science Assessment of 15 year

"The assessment results suggest that we Ghanaian adults have failed our children and the repercussion is the negative impact on our country’s economic growth."

Blame the stupid politicians who ONLY know how to steal, wheh relevant issues crucial to the state are ignored or let into oblivion.

Wnat matters in Ghana now? Politics( Nonpolitics), since it's easy to steal everything. Hard work and dedcation are inexistent in Ghana, so how are we going to do anything good.

For a good note, ssk yourselves how many of those cadres state-sponsored and trained abroad are helping in anything apart from just wearing titles and going about boasting with them. The state doesn't even know how to harness the potential in this people.

The state of affairs in Ghana could be analyzed by Mahama's approach to pertinent questions on management circumstances in Ghana. Education and all others are just clone-situation that mirror the same thing.

Asians work hard, no joke.

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Jasmine on Jul 5, 09:15
There's no educatiion in Ghana