You Bet, Ghana Is Ready For An RTI Law!

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Comment: NDC Wants To Rig Elections No Freedoms

2015-07-08 03:50:22
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You Bet, Ghana Is Ready For An RTI Law!

When a government shared AK47s, pistols, axes and matches among its thugs to maim and kill opposition leaders to ensure full intimidation, what do you think the degree of pressure and intimidation was on these villagers? And when years of accumulated stolen monies from percentages of inflated projects, judgment debts and direct use of government money from ghost projects like SADA and so on are shared fraudulently among the poor gullible voters, what do you expect? Still, if some NDC supporters were caught with stamped ballot papers to rig the elections, how many of them did go through undetected, or allowed to pass and stuff the boxes in favour of NDC? I believe you have not forgotten that they used 5billion dollars of our money out of the budget in 2012 to buy the conscience of gullible votes.

NDC would do anything under the sun to rig elections and remain in power fraudulently, and it has been their practice since the NDC phase1 under Rawlings, who displayed crocodile tears today as a result of the electoral violence blamed on NDC. Clearly, this is the precursor of the nature of the 2016 elections that Mr. Mahama hinted about. We now know it is going be fought with AK47s, pistols, daggers, axes, matches, bribery and intimidation. And I advise our people to be more resolute in defending democracy in Ghana. Without free and fair elections, we can easily find ourselves again in a one party state like the one we suffered under Kwame Nkrumah.

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