Saga of Ghanaian birth certificate

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2015-11-03 08:08:51
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Jasmine, you said it all. Ayekoo! Ghana is indeed country of fools and idiots who are always looking for loopholes to sap money from any victim which falls prey. Even in Guinea dogs are issued with documents which indicate the various vaccinations they have received towards rabies. The opposite is true in Ghana to the extend that human beings do not have any document showing that they exist. One can obtain a multitude of birth certificates with different names and different date of birth. But the normal way of obtaining a birth certificate is to show a hospital report indicating the birth. But any grown up person can pay his or her way through to obtain a birth certificate, which is very unfortunate. The Statistical Service which is an interested stakeholder in compiling and providing data as regards population and other vital statistics seem not to be bothered by this anomaly as they can twist the data obtained from the Birth and Death Registry, and hide behind the concept of 'margin of error'. Today's problem concerning the Voter Register could have been solved right from the very time of registration if birth certificates were available and authentic. There is no single document that can be used reliably to establish indigenous Ghanaians as foreigners have infiltrated our porous system with able abetment by Ghanaians. Our story is a pitiful one but "na who cause am" as late Eddie Donkor asked and responded "na me [we] cause am". The solution is for us to change our attitude and mindset. We should start asking questions and seek answers about what has bought us into such agony of life and sincerely seek and pursue what will be good for us today and deep into the future. If we continue to be fools and idiots then I am sorry we have no one to blame.

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