Saga of Ghanaian birth certificate

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Comment: I support u, GH still in the Doom's day!

The truth
2015-11-03 10:15:29
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Saga of Ghanaian birth certificate

Bro, I support your complaint 100% , our country lacks the forward match and the tech which now the order of the day.

Instead relying on the new techs to do things simply, easier, faster, convenient, we choose to wallow in the darkness (man power or physically)

Can you imagine that I imported goods to Ghana and it was sold alright and I needed my money to ship goods again.I needed it fast to pay advance for the order, I ask my bro to send the money through western Union money transfer. To my surprise, he told me can't be sent ,that GHA receives. I was so angry to death.

Why? Most African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Gambia, Togo , even Somalia can send money from their countries. But backward GH is just like that except noise.

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The truth on Nov 3, 10:15
I support u, GH still in the Doom's day!