The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

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Comment: Re: My take... u may not like, Kofi

Luther King
2015-11-15 10:46:25
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My take... u may not like, Kofi

Amidu said clearly and loudly yesterday on news file that what Anas did was unconstitutional, and even though unconstitutional, it could still be used for administrative purposes but not for criminal prosecution. I find that contradictory but that is Amidu for u. He is full of bitterness, pettiness, and envy. All his actions have been as a result of this and not a consequence of his fight against corruption. How many corruption cases did he uncover in the Rawlings era.
Ghanaians are grateful for his fight against woyome and Waterville. But his arrogance and bitterness are eroding his gud works in the past. He described Anas' lawyer as a substandard lawyer on eyewitness news.
He has been lying thru his mouth and shd come apologize. He lied that govt commissioned the judicial corruption project and that this was prez mills' last wish. It turned out to be a big lie. He lied again that parliament had watched 20mins of the parliamentary corruption video. This turned out to be another lie. He said prez Mahama was in possession of the parliament scandal video and using it to blackmail parliament. He quotes Mr Baako and Mr Pratt as his sources but these individuals only said work was in progress on the parliament project.
In amidu's haste to crucify Mahama, he is making infantile mistakes that are threatening his hard worn reputation.

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Luther King on Nov 15, 2015 10:46
Re: My take... u may not like, Kofi