Message for Ghanaians on Election 2016

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Comment: he must change or be changed

Richard Asare
2016-06-04 08:04:01
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its very true, its just that the current preside t thinks has no competitor and so he does what he really likes, he has dissapointed the trust Ghanaians had in him before electing him. some even saw him as the joshua of our time but he never prooved us right. how can he turn deaf ears to the cry of his own people, if truly he is involved in this bribery allegations, then i would like to ask him if he has a store house in the spirutual world? how can he do that? he should never think he will go scot free with all he has done for what a man soweth, thats what he reaps. my advice to indoom and akufo addo is to help in this fight for development and surely, we will win. mahama has really dissapointed ghanaians. i have a poem for him

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