But uncle, didn’t you reject the offer of free SHS?

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Comment: Vote wisely

2016-08-11 10:33:46
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But Uncle, Didn’t You Reject the Offer of Free S

Nice storyline it funny right sometimes I don't understand Ghanaians vote for someone with visions.
Am an ewe guy my name is Christopher gottah when I was in primary school my mum couldn't afford to pay my fees I have to change schools even in government school she couldn't afford to pay sometimes I have to stay at home for a year or two but when npp starts the free education it really helped me a lot I started from Jess 1 to 3 without paying a panny and continue to high school which by then my sister has come back from England and pay my high school fees now am in Australia Charlie life is not easy if you come from a poor home so make the right decisions in life to benefit you not ndc, npp , cpp or what ever party vote for your benefit and am happy to say the free education really really helped me a lot

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Christopher on Aug 11, 2016 10:33