Mahama and the bizarre bribery and corruption cases (2)

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Comment: NPP throw the mud of corruption at

2016-10-12 10:13:32
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Let Mahama answer

NPP throw the mud of corruption at Mahama with the hope that it will stick.
Kufuor sat alone with Vodaphone to sell GT, Chinese contractors to award stadium contract, with KOSMOS and TULIP to award crude oil contract, abrogated alone the contract between Alfred Agbeshi Woyeme and Waterville.
Since 2012 when John Mahama became president he has not bypass the national tender board to award any contract.
Since contracts are awarded through technocrats that are on the national tender board in which way does Mahama reach the contract money.
In the first place you do not accuse a person of stealing what does not exist. Let us stop throwing the mud with the aim that the more we throw it it will stick because that is not a civilized behaviour.

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Kwame on Oct 12, 2016 10:13
NPP throw the mud of corruption at