‘Punishment’ for voting NPP

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Comment: A stupid article from a stupid man

2017-01-29 11:30:22
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‘Punishment’ for voting NPP

You are very stupid for disrespecting the Amazon authority. Stupid people like you think that Ghana is a lawless nation. You and your family members travel from your village to come and create all those mess in Accra and when the ama was trying hard to stop these people from blocking the pavement meant for pedestrians. Ghana is not a lawless nation and both the AMA and the police must deal with any fool or donkey who fail to observe the rules in the city. This stupidity must stop and stupid people like this writer must not be allowed to post stupid article like this on this website. Is it right for parents and their kids to be walking in the street because these traders have taken over the pavement? This stupid npp foothe soldiers must know that Accra is not an extension of their village and the Ama must weed them out irrespective of their political affiliation. Kwasiasem kwa

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Kkd on Jan 29, 2017 11:30
A stupid article from a stupid man