Will Mustapha Hamid face Bugri Naabu bribery allegations at his vetting?

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Comment: Complete Waste of Space

Nii Teiko
2017-02-07 04:28:29
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Will Mustapha Hamid face Bugri Naabu Bribery Alleg

What is the import of this mischievous write if the purpose is not bordering on malice? And who should investigate what when none of the parties involve in this bribery allegation has made any formal complaint or petition any commission to investigate? More so, what prevents Ibrahim and his greedy brother, the former president and the thief of Dubai, to sue if Bugri lied?

Massa, Mustapha has no question to answer here since he only quoted what a bird did whisper into his ears, and which would later be confirmed by Bugri, the bribee himself, with some 'hard evidence'.

Btw, why can't you petition CHRAJ or EOCO to initiate a probe into this. After all you were the one who ran to Oxford and Inner Temple to dig about Akufo Addo's past. We have 13.9 million dollar vice presidential palace to worry about than to embark on this useless wild goose chase.You have really wasted space

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Nii Teiko on Feb 7, 04:28
Complete Waste of Space