Free SHS will be strain on Ghana’s finances – ISSER

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Comment: We wait to see

2017-02-13 22:07:03
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Free SHS will be strain on Ghana’s finances –

The maths here is wrong. I am a parent and I can say on authority that boarding students pay between 500 and 1000 cedis per term, depending on the school. If we take the lowest charges for the about 400,000 boarders, that will come to about 200 million per term for boarders: thus 600 million per year. This is less the expenditures to feed the about 200,000 day students once a day. In all we could see an overall cost coming to over 700 million cedis, to put it mildly. Can the economy afford this for one year? Hmmm, we wait to see. Afterall as parents, we will be happy as parents to have everything free. We cannot wait!!!!

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Obuama on Feb 13, 2017 22:07