Open letter to the Inspector General of Police, David Asante-Apeatu

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Comment: TO "Unknown" ADOFO

2017-03-08 06:50:23
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"Ghana is a constitutional democracy and as a result cannot be run by rogue self acclaimed Kings, Chiefs and queens".
"Unknown" Adofo, well said BUT fill in the blanks:
"Rogue self acclaimed Kings"?
Adofoahyee and his followers: The Ananangya / Odumase folks, who migrated from Essumja to Apemso, raided, murdered and maimed innocent Apemso royals (innocent Ghanaians)and crowned themselves rulers of Apemso. They were and still are the rogue self acclaimed kings/chiefs in Apemsoland.
The rogue self acclaimed king in this current situation is KOO ODURO and the disgruntled Joe Fry and co. Koo Oduro and Joe Fry - typical descendants of Adofoahyee - power drunkards who think it should be their way or no way. What prompted Adofoahyee to abandon his ancestral home, Essumja? Because he lost the contest for The Essumja stool. Koo Oduro is also acting like a maniac because he lost the contest for the Kumawu stool.
"MO MMA DUA NO NYE DUA PA, NA N'ABA NSO AYE ABA PA. MO MMA DUA NO NYE DUA BONE, NA N'ABA NSO AYE ABA BONE", meaning, a good tree bears good fruits and a bad tree bears bad fruits; so says The Holy Bible.
"Unknown" Adofo Rockson, please read your own article dated 20 March 2010; Titled: "When Asantehene Speaks, the Wise Listens" and tell me if it is applicable at Kumawu.
We The People are sick and tired of your litigations. I was on the same VIP bus with one of the dissident financiers the day before the incident and questioned myself, why he abandoned his car. He anticipated civil unrest which could easily erupt, and it did. Kusi rode The VIP from Accra to the funeral.
Your days are numbered; you people can leave Apemsoland and go "home" to Essumja and leave us in peace. We need PEACE; we are tired of your litigations.


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