Is Charlotte Osei fit to be Electoral Commissioner?

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2017-07-25 17:14:25
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Is Charlotte Osei fit to be Electoral Commissioner

Kofi you seem to overlook the basis of the problem.In the first place Ms Lamptey and MS Osei's case are not similar because aside from public opinion against Ms Lamptey she had no defense to the accusations levied against her and the misuse of public fund to lodge at an expensive hotel was also reprehensible and unhelpful in her case.

In this case you seem to have spoken to your friend,and you know whom I meant, and have agreed on this position which is unfair to Ms Osei.

You will agree that the ec chair was only doing her work when she found out that there was corruption in her outfit and brought in the EOCO who found a prima facie case against her subordinates and recommended that they proceed on leave whilst investigations take place.

It will a travesty of justice to allow this orchestration against the ec chair actuated only to doing the right and eliminating corruption in her outfit, to lose her job just because there is a counter accusation which on the face of it is frivolous and simply veracious.

If a boss should lose her job just because she is trying to take disciplinary action against intransigent subordinates for corruption just because they have in their defense made a counter accusation, then it will be difficult for head of departments to discipline their staff.

The whole crisis is a planed thing just to get rid of the ec chair and you have naively bought into it.

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Kotey on Jul 25, 2017 17:14
Re: Is Charlotte Osei fit to be Electoral Commissi