Sanitation in Ghana: How can we get out of the quagmire?

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Comment: Bank collapse and BOG

Joe Yad,London
2017-08-20 03:57:28
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Sanitation in Ghana: How can we get out of the qua

Dump Franklin Cudjoe.What do you think will have happened with depositors money if BOG have left the cat out of the bag publicly as the signs began to unfold as you are pontificating? TOTAL CHAOS. and direct opposite of what you claiming BOG earli Intervention will achieve. In fact I find it difficult to understand why this so called Imani think tank boss always want his voice heard on every issue irrespective of his expertise on the subject at hand and end up proffering empty and unthink tank comments/solutions which is gradually making Imani leaky and irrelevant. Please Mr Imani research properly and objectively before you speak on issues otherwise KEEP QUIET as you are not and cannot be expert on everything as your bloated ego seems to deceive you and when you do decide to come out be intelligent and objective and don't be afraid to PRAISE

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Joe Yad,London on Aug 20, 2017 03:57
Bank collapse and BOG