Liars and racists do not make good professors

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Comment: True bt Fadi doesn't insult other tribes

2017-09-03 03:34:56
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True, Fadi too is another sycophantic type who like ro insult others. But, at least, he doesn't insult whole tribes like Okoampa does. And it is hitting bellow the belt for Okoampa to refer to Fadi's foreign background. If Fadi is a bona fide citizen of Ghana, then we should respect him as such and stop that nonsense about his being Arab. There's nowhere in our constitution that a Ghanaian must be a black person or that his parents cannot come from an Arab land.

After all, Okoampa himself too is an American citizen even though he was not born there, neither was he born of parents who are American.

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KK on Sep 3, 03:34
True bt Fadi doesn't insult other tribes