I won’t allow my children to attend Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS - Former Minister

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Maka a maka
2017-09-17 11:49:13
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Re: I won’t allow my children attend Akufo-Addo’s

This man doesn't seem to know the difference between compulsory SHS and free SHS education. By the use of the words "I won't allow..." he conveys the impression that he is compelled under law, to send his kids to public schools. His poor choice of words was maybe due to the fact that he was expressing himself literally in Fanti. Probably what he wanted to say is "I won't send my kids to..." which is a choice to be made by every parent. Be that as it may, he implies by his statement, that education in public schools would be inferior to that in private schools. The question is: has education in public schools suddenly become inferior because Akufo Addo introduced free SHS? To what length will some members of NDC go, to denigrate this noble policy? The NDC is worried, really worried, about the political ramifications of the success of this policy. The party has reason to be worried, for by 2020, most, if not all, the 400,000+ beneficiaries of free SHS would have reached voting age. Your guess is as good as mine, as to who they will vote for: not forgetting most parents, who would wish to express their gratitude. From this angle, it's not difficult to ascertain the purpose of this man's outburst. In a nutshell he is telling excited parents: "not so fast, because Akufo Addo is only offering your kids inferior education". Of course the parents of these kids will ignore his pronouncement as coming from a member of a party that was humiliated at the polls. Sour grapes...

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