I won’t allow my children to attend Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS - Former Minister

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Comment: Don't be stupid

2017-09-17 14:47:21
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Re: I won’t allow my children attend Akufo-Addo’s

How can you tell those who can afford from those who can't? And what if your parents can afford but they die due to an accident or something? Have you seen how the cocoa and KBS(not sure whether KSB) scholarship works in Ghana? They claim to support the poor but about 80% are given to children of affluent backgrounds who've never seen a cocoa pod in their lives..... trying to be selective will only create more problems, bureaucracy and corruption. That's why it better to do it free for all. Besides, we have rich men in gh in Ghana who don't pay their wards fees, my dad was one(manager at Bank of Ghana for over 2 decades). So get it through your thick skull that the policy is for the kids and not parents.

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