Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS policy – NDC Youth Organiser

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Comment: Mahama free SHS

Merry Green
2017-09-23 10:24:13
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Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS pol

I'm shocked and out of words. Can this NDC party loyalist be more incompeten than this loud mouth who has been paid to go buy food to eat in exchange to talk nonsense. Look how this man is sweating like a pregnant fish. You cockroach go and have a look at the NPP 2008 manifesto and compare it with your NDC manifesto. Your incompetent former leaders were against free SHS they even claimed it was not feasible. You fish, think before you open you fault foul mouth.

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Merry Green on Sep 23, 2017 10:24