Kenya's elections and the brouhaha thereof

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2017-10-15 12:20:20
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Kenya's elections and the brouhaha thereof

Is this the first time Raila Odinga is refusing to accept the outcome of elections? NO. It is wrong to think that Odinga can turn all Kenyans into Zombis in a way that they have to do what he wants. He could have asked for extension of the election date to enable them to address issues of concern, he did not do that. Instead he was jubilating after the court cancelled the elections and new date was fixed, now seeing clearly that defeat is glaring at him he has come back to demand for electoral officials that he don't like to be sacked so officials of his choice can be allowed to conduct the election. Sometimes we have to admit that age is not on our side when we cling 70s and above. Sorry to say that the thinking becomes narrow at these ages and to save Kenya, Odinga needs to be advised.

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HMMMMMM on Oct 15, 2017 12:20