Ghanaians in SA call for Ayisi-Boateng's dismissal

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Comment: Re: terrorism

2017-11-01 16:09:44
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Who is more terrorist than the ndc you people are just fools no wonder you don't matter any more yo Ghanaians. Even a child born today knows ndc to be terrorists,ndc was on the list of terrorists on the table of the U. S.A no political party has been branded like that since independence . Why didn't President Clinton spend the night on his first visit? and why didn't President Obama come back to visit? Your party is still under watch that's why anytime ndc is in power no nation want to help not even China. China held the loan they were supposed to give you and asked your dumb government to pay interest before they released $1million to you but they've released the remaining they were holding to the NPP government and Germany also released money meant for Ghana during your regime to the NPP government ,even the world don't trust you. So who is the terrorist? Ndc will stay in opposition forever. Mr Ayisi Boateng Woy3 Champion and you said it right NPP footsoldiers must be satisfied before ndc. The president has no time on these sore losers, ndc are confused and talking anyhow hurting their own party making it unattractive and a party for fools.

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Mtweeeeeemo on Nov 1, 16:09