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The apology is an apology on its own; sack Ayisi Boateng immediately - Mahama

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Comment: Mahama, u are not even ashamed!!!!!!!

2017-11-06 06:13:00
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The apology is an apology on its own; sack Ayisi B

U disgust me soo much it hurt!! Just look at the pot, calling the kettle black. In fact , if I see or hear u criticize any body is like having that chance to castrate u and send u to hell fire!!!
The chick of it. Which of your criminal and neophyte Ministers did u ever sack after all the bad things they were doing during your term of office?

U knew about soo many killings during the NDC era especially that of Professor MIlls but kept. Again, what did your weak and lazy ass do to the "Montie Three?" What about the death of Honorable Adu?? And the disrespect and impudence your cabinet had for The people of Ghana??? In fact, u are the worst leader that this God-fearing country has ever had.

It is because of your bad governance that Ghanaiwns are going through all these hardships and restructuring now. So keep quiet and allow Nana to fix the economy for us. Just look at what Nana has achieved in only 10months compared to your 4 years. You, family and cronies just came and milked our dear country and now have the audacity and gut to stand in front of the same people u stole from to say this non-sense.

For your information, Ghanaiians have weighed and tested u already as a bad fit for this country so don't waste your stolen wealth which u have stashed in foreign banks in Dubai, Europe and the Americas in different names via your equally criminal Brother who could buy a plane during your Presidency. A guy who sold cars for a living and could hardly survive prior to u becoming President. Who do u and family take Ghanians for????

Allah would not allow u and your family to enjoy this ill-wealth at the expense of suffering Ghanaians. Because, u and your family will suffer for it.

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D.S on Nov 6, 06:13
Mahama, u are not even ashamed!!!!!!!