Until the Special Prosecutor arrives, everyone is evidently a mere whistle blower

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Comment: Who is a whistleblower, Isaac?

2017-11-07 04:24:41
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Until the Special Prosecutor arrives, everyone is

It seems you’ve taken the whistleblower idea and analogy too far. Was the guy successfully prosecuted for stealing two turkeys the result of somebody blowing the whistle on him?

A whistleblower is necessarily an insider who snitches on colleagues in a wrongdoing which he may, or may not, be part of. It is not an easy thing to do and can be dangerous. That is why in many jurisdictions, the whistleblower is given protection as well us incentives when the info leads to a successful prosecution.

I share your concerns in this piece (as well as those of your piece three days ago) but what is happening in Ghana now is really not one of whistleblowing. Yes, the Special Prosecutor may act on the promptings of a whistleblower but he must also nose out corruption and not only wait to be tipped off by a stool pigeon.

What the current government’s operatives including even the Vice President are doing is just throwing wild allegations, not whistleblowing. It is being done for partisan effect. Perhaps we must take the law of defamation more seriously. People in government who make such allegations must be taken to task to prove them or pay a fine.

But you’re right in your conclusion that we’ve heard too much of these allegations and we are calling for the actual prosecution of these alleged culprits. And the issue of how far to go down the line is important. It cannot be that it is only during the Mahama regime when people were corrupt. Even thefts that can be proven from Rawlings civilian time should be taken up including him too if possible.

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KA on Nov 7, 04:24
Who is a whistleblower, Isaac?