Dr. Kofi Boahene, the man who rebuilds faces

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Comment: Twice is the Charm

Prof Lungu
2018-01-09 18:29:58
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Dr. Kofi Boahene, the man who rebuilds faces


Dr. Kofi Boahene another mighty, unsung hero. He, like a long line of other great ones, quashes the false "African belief" that every invention, skill, development, etc., worth anything is the work of the "White Man".

Generally, those are the beliefs of people who never went to school to learn about how culture/knowledge/skill spreads/diffuses with migration of peoples.

Or, they simply did not pay attention when they were in school/University.

In this essay, Francis Kwarteng is teasing out another aspect of his education and expertise - Healthcare and Research, without announcing!


BY THE WAY: One of the things that bother us some relates to what the Government of Ghana under Mr. Mahama did with the team of Ghanaians that helped arrest Ebola from Liberia and West Africa.

We know that Akufo-Addo went to Opoku Ware Secondary School in the midst of a serious medical emergency and had nothing to say, and practically exposing himself to the pathogens at that time.

No directives!

No policies!

Nothing material for Ghanaians in a situation where more than 3 young Ghanaians practically dropped dead.

Did the members of the Ghana Ebola Team receive any commendation from the People of Ghana for their selfless work on behalf of other Africans?

Where are the members of the Team now?

What are they doing now?

Did/Is the Gov. of Ghana building on top of what they did/learned so that those crucial medical skills and knowledge can be transferred to more Ghanaians, ready for the next epidemic, this Age of Trump?

What will Ghana (and Africa) do next time there is a healthcare emergency and the US CDC is unable to help, NEXT TIME?


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