Sex with married woman was consensual - Alleged 'rapist' radio presenter tells police

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Comment: Godfather's comment.

2018-02-09 21:00:41
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Alleged Rapist Radio Presenter

Godfather! Pls dont exhibit your ignorance in the public domain. Do you know we even have spousal rape? Having drink with a lady! Going hime with a lady and even agreeing to sleep in your house doesnt imply you have the right to have sex with her. It's consensual only if she agrees to have sex with you. If you care to know , the woman initially having agreed to have sex with you can still withdraw her consent even at the point of penetration. Please try to educate yourself and stop denigrating the police. Meanwhile the woman reported the issue and the police has a duty to investigate. By the way if you think buying drinks for a woman and taking her to your house amount to consent then try it and should the woman reports you to the police it is there you will understand it. Please learn to appreciate the work of the police. Before you come again please talk to any lawyer friend on the issue I've raised.

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Fafali on Feb 9, 21:00
Godfather's comment.