Buffer Stock CEO is an embarrassment to government – Kwesi Pratt

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Comment: Incompetent Buffer Stock CEO

2018-03-07 23:03:21
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Buffer Stock CEO is an embarrassment to government

Why are we so blinded by politics that we only see the negative when people are criticized. Our president can’t be everywhere hence his appointees put in different instructions to work on his behalf. If they are incompetent then they are incompetent and there’s no way Mr President would find out without people putting it out there. So please let’s look at the bigger picture, it doesn’t make sense to be petty and insult Kwesi Pratt, what we shd talk about is the incompetence of the buffer stock CEO cos trust me if you him, you would know he is highly incompetent. He lacks experience. This isn’t about NDC or NPP, this is about the health of our children. That’s what we should focus on.

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Nana on Mar 7, 23:03
Incompetent Buffer Stock CEO