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Comment: Re: Their are fools

Sarfo Bediako
2018-03-23 09:16:52
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Re: Their are fools

Director 1:
I completely disagree with the article above and consider it as a balderdash! Those wars are purely conventional wars. And even those that are not conventionally inclined have some agitations that are recognized by international laws and therefore get recognition and some form of sympathy from international community which give room for certain conventional rules to govern their activities. However, Bokoharam is a peculiar case. What is the agitation of Bokoharam? Who are they fighting?
What kind of ceasefire that continues to experience suicide bombing unabated? Just 3days ago about seven innocent civilians were killed by bokoharam suicide bomber and we are talking about ceasefire? Bokoharam activities are even strange to the ISIS heartless criminals. Bokoharam is a world on its own. They don't even recognize the existence of the international community. Bokoharam is a similitude of LRA of Uganda.

The issues surrounding the Dapchi adoption is a ruse. Come to think of it, when they came to kidnap the girls the military had been withdrawn and when they returned them the soldiers were no where to be found again. Are we saying they withdrew the military again after the adoption of the 110 girls? What about the remaining chibok girls? Bokoharam is the reincarnation of Lucifer so don't joke with them. Have you ever heard in course of history that warlords used suicide bombers as weapon?

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Sarfo Bediako on Mar 23, 2018 09:16
Re: Their are fools