The 'raped' white lady, the gentle nurse and the goat-eating judiciary!

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Comment: The "Raped" White Lad

Nii Gbemi Odenke Soomi II
2018-04-14 20:37:57
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Baseless and pointless article

Massa you de talk rubbish. What the guy write no be garbage. The law de talk say person dey inncocent until proven guilty. The court never prove the nurse guilty?
Whether the case has both national or international interest, the law of the land must be applied. This is a bailable offence. The Italian woman is broke. Even her ATM didn't work.
Massa the nurse ought to have been given bail.

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Nii Gbemi Odenke Soomi II on Apr 14, 2018 20:37
The "Raped" White Lad