Homosexuality: When the evil becomes a bargaining tool

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Mr. Smith
2018-04-26 09:38:48
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Homosexuality: When the evil becomes a bargaining

I gathered a group of young men and asked them one question. What were we thinking when we were accepting their religion? Most of our children are taught in school that culture is the way we dance, play drums, etc. Culture and religion are twins! How ,any of our teachers know this? If you accept someone's religion, you automatically accept his/ her culture. A look at Islam will attest to that. The way they pray, dress, etc. The only difference is the food.

We accept the fact that the bible frowns on it. The question however is that who were the actual characters in the bible? Were they Europeans? This homosexual issue tells us they were not! There is enough proof to testify that those characters were black Africans. Reading the old testament of the bible over and over again and studying the Europeans will tell you some things do not match. The Ashan tribe found in the bible are today's Ashantis. The European way of life does not reflect in the bible.

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